I am a professional portrait photographer and have worked with a number of models as well as non models and have photographed them to bring out certain features or emotions and have all the equipment to send images within one week of the photoshoot. I do prefer to work outside as it means that I can choose a location best suited for the shoot and model, I can however work in a studio of your choosing as long as costs are covered. If you are interested in hiring Forever Callie LTD then please contact 07908638058

Pet Portraits

Nothing is harder than working with animals and nothing is more rewarding at the same time, I am a professional pet photographer and will be more than happy to come and capture an image of your fury little friend, I do however require that the animal be trained not to eat camera equipment. If you are interested in hiring us then please contact 07908638058

Product Photography

Getting a product to pop and look amazing is our specialty and will be exciting to photograph any product, from drinks all the way to phones and then even cars. We love product photography as we get to set the mood for the audience and if professional is the look your going for we can get that into the image and if challenging is part of your companies image then that can be part of you products unique photo. If you think that Forever Callie LTD is the right Photography company for you then please contact us on 07908638058