Our portraits


Black & white

Using the latest camera equipment we take images in the raw format and can do this in a monochrome style meaning after our Photo editing is done our Black & White images are ones that are to be contested with as they show every bit of detail we want them to.

To Edit this photo we headed on over to Adobe Lightroom and drained the saturation till we found a point where we were happy then bumped up the contrast till it popped giving us this moody vibe.

We thank the model for being part of this company.



Photos are capturing what the eye can see, yet our colour photos of portraits enhance what our eye can see and explode it into something you can only dream of, we have mastered our edits and know locations for shooting different moods meaning our work comes out perfect every time.

This photo was edited in Adobe Lightroom and had contrast brought up as well as the highlights and then the shadows decreased to show more of the eye and the background, and lots more.

We tank the model for being part of our company.


Our hourly rate…

£50 for Video

£50 for Photos

£75 for Photos and Video