One of our projects is to capture wildlife and amazing things in and around the UK with a hope to one day expand to around the world. Technology has blurred our minds and caused us to look at phones rather than at whats around us, sharing what we capture in the hope to inspire others.

Below are our favourite photos taken by our CEO Callie Poston and each picture has a description written by her, we hope you enjoy.IMG_5701On one of my trips around the UK I found this cow who was following me around the field, so of I had to take at least one picture of him. IMG_6533With Autumn now in full swing the colours are just dying to be captured on my camera. IMG_0739Can we please just appreciate how straight this road is, I mean it’s so straight. IMG_0731Chelmsford is not normally this picturesque but something just drew me to take this picture. IMG_5815London, nothing more, nothing less.IMG_5745Epsom holds a lot of beauty and a lot of secrets one of them being this lovely lake in the common. IMG_4317This Beetle has been on one of my plants all year and normally stays well hidden inside the corners of the leaves, but when the sun comes out so does this little creature.IMG_3444While having a barbecue one evening in the sun I saw that my shed was looking the best I think I’ve ever seen it, thought it would make a good picture and you can decide for yourself.fullsizeoutput_91cSome things that confuse me are that on some days we can see the moon right through the day, and this not only looks incredible but beautiful. IMG_4316Spring is a brilliant time for plant photography as it allows us to capture there amazing colours, this yellow just screams that summer is on it’s way.IMG_4178In France you usually see this sort of image lots as the fence seem to love planting there trees in straight lines. IMG_4177On one of my walks through Thetford Forest I heard this eruption from the sky, and some how managed to get the camera ready intimate to capture this shot of an RAF Tornado coming into land. IMG_4157In the snow you can capture wildlife adapting to its surroundings, this swan breaking the ice to allow it to swim and get to food below the ice. IMG_4160Saw this little bird running around on a frozen pond and it looked great.fullsizeoutput_898Hylands park in Essex is beautiful in the summer but no-one talks about it in the winter. IMG_2556Another one from Hylands park just this time from the lake that looks over the field where the famous V festival used to be held. fullsizeoutput_899Sometimes the scary plants can shine and look beautiful to. fullsizeoutput_709Ingatestone cricket club, guess they had to call off the match in this weather. IMG_3677Low lighting images are perfect when you are near Maldon, as the scenery is quite muddy round that area, but this does look stunning. IMG_3675Another one from Maldon, that’s not water its mud. IMG_4180Yes its edited, but it does look fantastic in my personal opinion. fullsizeoutput_865Only in Bradgate park in Leicestershire will you get a waterfall as beautiful as this just next to a city such as Leicester. IMG_4125Some deer are born to be in photos, this stag just wanted the fame. IMG_4124Nearly took my head off but this sea-gull was determined to get to where it was going. IMG_3041Another one while walking through Theford forest. IMG_4179Are crows dark, yes. Are they perfect photos, no. Somehow this ended up on my camera, can’t even remember taking it. IMG_4257I really tried to get a photo of the fish, the sea-gull just kept photo booming.IMG_4286Birds do make great photos as no bird looks the same, this geese was shouting it out as he flew over me. IMG_4258I moved these rocks to symbolise that no matter who you are or what shape you are you can fit with someone else, I know it’s a bit cringe, but it’s true.IMG_4274Thank you to my amazing Nan and Grandad for posing for this lovely silhouette.fullsizeoutput_8feThe sea can be calm and romantic, it can also be rough and terrifying. cropped-fullsizeoutput_5681.jpegThis is the first photo I ever took, and it made me fall in love with photography.IMG_0021While on a camping trip in Croyde I travelled to a little place called Torrington where I discovered a lovely little stream where I captured two great shots of a dragonfly.
fullsizeoutput_94dThis shot I was waiting for a good half hour trying to get the dragonfly to turn to face me while it was feathering its wings out to create this beautiful image.
IMG_0024Seagulls are in lots of places around England but the ones by the sea just have something about them that causes me to think that they are something special.
IMG_0030While walking through Ilfracombe I came across this bird hovering above a patch of long grass, it was so peaceful. IMG_0025Rocks are strong but waves are stronger, they push past every in there way and still continue to go strong. IMG_3886This picture was taken for a background on my PC, not only has it got great detail but it is also so simple.IMG_0204Taken at Walton on the naze this crow was coming back and forth feeding its hungry chicks in its nest near by.IMG_4065While on my lunch break one day I ventured out to Hylands park where I came across this duck who was definitely more interested in my sandwich than my camera.IMG_3962Strawberry moons are almost as rare as eclipses, but in my opinion much more amazing.IMG_3932The RAF 100 flyover was one I was not going to miss, and what a show it was.IMG_0038Took this photo ages ago, can’t remember where or when but the stone work on this bridge was a must to share.IMG_4085In the sun this flower looked While but in the dark it looked sensational.IMG_4103While walking round Hylands park and catching a tan I was drawn to the beautiful flowers that they have littered all over their gardens.fullsizeoutput_a44I have invested in some new lens filters and this is my favourite, it not only is tinted purple but also is fish eyed.IMG_4213What timing, was just focusing on this ducks blue wings when suddenly it stood and showed them at its mate.IMG_4202This was the picture I was aiming to get!IMG_5052On Sunday the 19th of August there was a flyby set up for my local pub, I knew this would be a great opportunity so I took the camera and waited for the Spitfire and the Hurricane to fly past. IMG_5083As well as those two lovely planes the Red Arrows where in attendance and they had smoke on and everything, all 10 of them which is rare as normally there are only 9 for events.


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