I am big on the saying “Love yourself” I say it a lot to my friends as well as to myself. I feel that people need to love themselves to truly be happy as without self-love you can’t reach your true potential. To explain this further I would say that loving yourself is not looking in the mirror and getting excited, it’s looking in the mirror and liking the way you look, its hearing what you say and agreeing with it rather than saying what you want people to hear. You should be yourself and love it rather than being what others want you to be and not being happy.

IMG_4261Growing up I came to realise that I wasn’t going to have many friends. I knew that I was different and I knew that I wasn’t going to change to fit in. I remember people bullying me and remember them making fun out of me, it was for small things such as my terrible hair cut or how I liked to keep myself to myself, but really I think the ultimate reason for my bullying was because I didn’t want to change who I was to please the people I was around. I knew what was right and what was wrong and if people were gong to break rules I wasn’t going to be part of it, this led to me not getting into the ‘in group.’ I feel that this however made me into a stronger person and made me the person I am today, it forced me to have thick skin and not be afraid of what people thought or said about me. This has now made me comfortable to be the person who I am now.

I came out as transgender at the age of 13 to my parents and then at the age of 15 to the rest of the world. I couldn’t have done this without the support of family and friends, I also couldn’t have done this without all the set backs in my life such as the bullying and the small realisations I had during growing up. I first realised that I had feelings that related to those who I was close to who were mainly girls, meaning I was interested in the stuff that they were interested in, and that I wanted to be like them as they were nice and that boys were not nice and this caused me to not want to be part of this group. Being so young and growing up with this in my head I came to think like this in my mind and now I am comfortable saying that this is where one of my first thoughts of wanting to become the person who I thought I was destined to be. I didn’t make the connection however until I was certain that it was really what I wanted and had read nearly everything there was to read on the internet.IMG_4264

I was christened at a young age, and went to a church of England school, meaning I knew what the basic religious beliefs I was supposed to know about as a Christian. At first I thought that God was real and that there was an afterlife for people who were good and that was called heaven, I also thought that there was a place called hell and that you went there if you were bad. I later came to realise that this could not be, and that in-fact science explains everything with proof. I also would say that if there was a God then they are not someone I would want to meet due to their idea of how some people’s lives should end, cancer is a perfect example of the reason why I think that God cannot and should not exist. This however did increase me to know about other religions and how they function. I studied Religious studies at a GCSE level and learnt all about two of the biggest religions, Islam and Christianity. I studied these religions not because I wanted to become one but so that I could understand why people were so dedicated to a religion instead of just living everyday the way they want to, I came to the conclusion that the religions have some very good values that I could relate to such as ‘respecting your neighbour’ or that ‘your family is a blessing’. I now believe that equality, self-love, dedication and human rights are our main focus in life.

Equality is huge, it’s not just everyone being equal, it’s about so much more. It’s about people getting equal opportunities in life, like going to college or university, everyone should get a chance to do this no matter what there previous grades are or what their financial situation is. It is also about people smiling at one another down the street, I smile to everyone I walk past, not just the old lady who I see every week on my walks but also the man wearing a hoodie walking with a swagger. He is no different to that lady to me, he is just another person on his way somewhere and clothes or a walk do not make him any less of a person.

I have already talked about self-love but not dedication. I feel that a big part in people’s lifestyle needs to be Dedication as to get to the place where you want to be or need to be then you need to be dedicated and work hard at it as without trying you will not get to reach your true potential. I aim to be dedicated in every aspect of my life, at home, at work and with my social life. This means making time for each aspect and trying my best to make the right decisions and for doing things fully rather than a ‘half arsed job’.

Human rights are also the biggest thing in people’s lifestyle as it lets you be you by the law, and no-one can take that away from you, if they do they are breaking the law and should get arrested. In other words human rights are what keeps the world free.


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