In life every single person has the opportunity to help someone. I try to make that a weekly routine, I don’t mean giving to charity, I don’t mean resuscitating a person, I mean helping someone cross the road, picking up money that someone has dropped and handing it to them or just putting a few pennies into a charity box. I don’t do this to make myself feel good, I don’t do this to get credit, I do it because I can and it helps others. I am not a charitable person as I rarely give money to charities but I do random acts of kindness which don’t benefit me but benefit others, an example of this could be that Aldi has to bin milks 3 days before they go out of date, and this made me appalled to think that there would be a waste of milk when there are people starving, I therefore brought the milk before it went off of sale and then proceeded to give this to people who live on the street, not to have people thinking I’m doing it to be recognised but because I know that without that milk that they will go thirsty and that they struggle.

I feel that one of the best groups of people are charitable workers who give up their time to help those who need it, the people who travel out to places in Africa to help a village build a school are amazing people, or the people who hand out dinner to the homeless at Christmas time. They are the people who I live up to and the people who I look up at and think “wow, they are brilliant”.

In August 2017 I went to Brighton pride, the biggest pride festival in the UK, and was part of the thousands of people who attended, we went because we wanted to be part of the event as well as see the acts that they had on as well as paying too much for the drinks that they sold on site, the site has made over £455,000 in the last 5 years and give all of it to charities.

What I’m trying to say is that I feel that small acts of kindness can create a better world, not just for the people who are being helped but also for the people helping as it gives them a self-pride which makes them feel happy on the inside as they have helped another person.


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