Starting A Blog

Way back at the beginning of the formation of this company I was blogging and I stopped to focus on creating concrete foundations for Forever Callie LTD, I now believe that we have achieved this as we have a clear understanding of what the company stands for. From here on I will be updating all of you on the company activities each week and what we have been working on.

To start I shall inform you of the last weeks improvements to the website. We have changed the whole look of the site to improve customer usability meaning it’s so much easier for you to use. Now from the home page you can schedule an appointment with us as well as see past clients reviews on the work we have done for them.

Moving onto the store we have decided that it is a shop not a print store as we now sell more than just prints but also t-shirts and some prints come with frames now meaning you don’t need to purchase one. As well as this we have added a services page to let you know exactly what we offer.

And our final update is that we are starting this blog to update you on our work flow and what we are doing as we believe that transparency is key to business success.

Until next time, Callie Poston, Company Director.

Callie Poston