Forever Callie LTD was established on the 11th of December 2018 but was first an idea set up way back in 2016 by founder Callie Poston, a young transgender who believes that photos can change the world.

Callie began with a YouTube channel where she tried to incorporate photos with lifestyle and other things she enjoyed, later deciding that this was not what she wanted she grew her knowledge and created the popular Blog ForeverCallie which seemed to be going great with thousands on monthly viewers and an engaged audience. This however was again not the success that Callie wanted so she instead made a professional website called ForeverCallie.com where she grew her audience and settled on photography as her main and only topic.

Then it all changed, she sold her first photo, a one off for £120 and at this point she knew that it was what she wanted to do as a job for the rest of her life. Later in 2018 she created Forever Callie LTD, a company dedicated to promoting positivity through it’s work.

Callie now works full time taking photos and selling them in shops and online, become one of her customers today to help her story grow.