Transition update!

Well its been a very, and I mean very long time since my last update as to what has been going on with my transition and I’ve been feeling that half of the blog has been failing, I mean where has the lifestyle been? But here it is the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. My update on my situation, And you will get all, and I mean all of the juicy gossip right here, right now.

So way back in June I visited a private hospital in Brighton where I meet a doctor who would be going to be preforming the surgery on me to fully make me the person who I was meant to be. I know finally like 10 years later. We had a lovely meeting that was also quite awkward and then he and the nice nurses told me that I would be going onto the 6 month waiting list. Which means I should be hearing something any day now about my surgery. I am super excited for this as well as being scared at the same time as it is a major surgery with life threatening complications. But its something I have to do.

I have also been to my therapist in Nottingham and spoken to them about my concerns and they just can’t get over how happy I seem to be in myself which proves to me that writing and taking pictures to promote positivity is working as its made me a happier person.

But that’s not all… I have continued to put myself out there to try and create a name for ForeverCallie in the LGBTQ+ world and so far I feel that more and more people are getting to know what this platform is and what we do here at ForeverCallie.

If you are interested in supporting our quest to make The LGBTQ+ community happy and positive, and we mean all of them, then go and buy our Pride T-shirt in our shop.


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