Lots To Say!

This last month has been a real eye opener for me and a lot has happened, like a lot, and I just don’t know where to start?

Last month I secured a an event spot at the biggest firework display in Essex if not the biggest in the east of England. I somehow managed to get this job a week before the big day and by chance prepared for the show with two days to spare. On the 3rd of November I was the official photographer for the Billericay Round Table Fireworks 2018, and did I take some photos, plus I had a banner made!

I also got my hands on all new Adobe editing software for my computer meaning damn I had a lot to learn. I think I’ve got Lightroom down but Photoshop is just another thing all together.

I’ve also continued to write my book, in fact, write most of my book which I think is coming along nicely.

But I think the most tiring and time consuming thing I’ve been doing as well as all of this is working at Aldi. I work on average of 43 hours a week but have been trying to get that down to 30 hours as It technically means I’m working two full time jobs with very little sleep and nearly no time to venture out to take photos, which is the main focus for this platform. However there is good news of this front as I have recently got my new hours to 30 or 4 days a week and have also had the time to go and get some new photos for the gallery, which will be uploaded in the next couple of days…

And Finally I would like to end this by saying GO GET A T-SHIRT!


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