1 Year On!

This day one year ago I was forced out of my job due to an unfortunate incident that the manager was responsible for and unfortunately I was the one who took the fall, and ended up losing my job. This was, at the time, the worst way to end the year as it meant no job at Christmas time. To fill my long days I created Forever Callie, the blogging site on Blogger, which grew to a rather large audience. I then decided that Blogger didn’t offer the services that I was looking for and therefore I moved to WordPress, and to the site that you can see now. I grew it into a company rather than a blog as I have strong views and beliefs that companies can change lives and blogs are more of an entertainment platform. I now promote positivity and have a clothing line as well as a successful site that shares positive photos.

As well as this I also work for one of the worlds largest discount stores, ALDI and have kept up a public appearance with people in and around my home county to find out what they would like, and positivity is generally the answer.

In this next year I plan on growing the company further and will not only bring out new products but also new services, such as public speaking is something I’m very keen on as I love to talk and am very knowledgable in the LGBTQ+ community and know lots about the group, I will be trying to make new connections and growing this side of things as I really want to make a difference in peoples lives for the better.

The first year is now over and the second year is just beginning, bring it on cause I’m ready!


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