My Crazy Lifestyle!

My honest day-to-day lifestyle is one of that I’m not too proud of, as in I know I could be doing a hell of a lot better. I usually go to work at 5AM meaning I’m up and awake at 4 to get ready for my 9 hour and 15 minute shift, a terrible way to start the day, which is full of lifting, singing, running and talking all this that I wouldn’t mind doing as long as I was well rested (which is something I’m most defiantly not). During my 9 hour and 15 minute shift I am entitled to an hour break which I have never been able to take as there just isn’t enough staff to cover when a person goes on there break, therefore I am only able to take 30 minuets. during this time I will have my breakfast which either consists of 4 small croissants or a bacon sandwich with a chocolate milk. This is the start of may very unhealthy eating.

After my long and tiring day at work I go home where I am then straight in the kitchen to make my lunch which will be cheese on toast or a ham and pickle sandwich. this then gives me the energy to stay awake while I watch my favourite TV show ‘Neighbours’ which I watch 5 days a week without fail. If you haven’t seen this show then whats going on? It’s the best, mostly there accents as the show is set in Australia. When this show finishes it is about 3PM and that’s when I go to the office to either edit photos, or write posts or go to take some photos this can usually take up to 3 hours depending on the amount of photos I have to work through or what post I’m writing. which then takes me to 6PM where there is only one thing to do, GO TO THE PUB! I don’t drink unless there is a special occasion so I am Drinking Coke with no ice and chatting with my dad and other regulars in the Pub and usually playing pool against my brother and beating him. This lets me relax and is where I can catch up with both my dad and brother to find out what they are usually doing. then straight home for dinner at 7:15 for dinner where I will have what ever my mum has prepared, which is usually really nice. After its straight to bed, and then repeat.

I do have 2 to 3 days off a week meaning I get to see friends or go to the gym and try to socialize more with other people however I normally end up with going shopping and spending all my money on a new pair of shoes or a new record.

I know that I should be better and get more sleep as the healthy amount of sleep is about 8 hours a night and therefore I need at least another 3 hours, as well as this I also know that I should be eating better and that I need to stop eating chocolate and biscuits as they are the main source of sustenance that I eat. I need way, way more fruit, like any fruit would be good.

What am I going to do about this?

I am asking work for a 4 day week meaning I will get 3 days off every week and therefore I will be able to go to the gym more and actually try to eat better, I will also grow an addiction to Bananas as they are good for you and could be the perfect snack or breakfast. Not only will this help my diet but will also help my exercise as it is a good source of energy with its natural sugars. I will be doing a monthly update on my diet as this Photography and Lifestyle blog currently focuses more on the photography side of things.


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