My Three Top Tips For Blog Posts!

I really try to write in a professional manner when writing my posts for this site, I remember that at the start of my blogging career that I was unable to do this due to my poor grammar, and my abysmal spelling. I can look back at my old site ( and I can read my first couple of posts dating back to 2016 and they really are what I can only think of as a tragic mistake. I have now though come up with a 3 step plan of how to not just make a blog post but how to make a successful blog post.

  1. You need to start by having a topic, like an actually topic that you know and that you can write about. Don’t write about photography if you have never used a camera. once you have picked the topic though you need to plan out how you are going to write it, such as a beginning, middle and end, but in some cases you can leave the end open so that the audience can join in to help you in future blog posts.
  2. Proof read it, and then proof read it again, once is not enough, you can miss so much in one viewing, try reading it aloud, or getting a friend to read it as they can see things that you may have missed. Trust me it happens, even when you think your clear of errors, you publish it and a friend comes up to you and says “There, Their, you nearly got a post error free.”
  3. Don’t just post it and then go and eat dinner, add a picture or two (but make sure there not copyrighted) post on all your social medias that you have posted on the blog, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, facebook, tumblr even google plus needs to be posted on, and WordPress can do most of them for you, but you need to go through them and add some #’s as that’s how you expand your audience.

Another thing that I like to do is post at nice times, like on the hour rather than 3.47 I post at 4.00pm as its nicer for people to look at when it says published.

I hope this helps you who are trying to start a blog or who are already posting but are trying to progress with your posting techniques. I you feel like I could improve then please leave a comment below of how I can get better.


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