My Camera Set Up For Perfect Photos Every Time!

Now I don’t claim to be the best photographer in all of existence, but I do feel that my photos are that of a quality that are good enough to be labelled as professional shoots. With my new equipment and my new software I now have what I think is the perfect set up for a professional photographer. My two monitors allow me to have a great view of photos with one showing editing software and the other showing me the original giving me the perfect eye to see what needs tweaking or what needs keeping the same. connected with my iMac I am able to use its amazing features as well as it being compatible with all my devices, which is such a help when uploading to instagram! I always use my Magic Keyboard when editing photos as it gives me a chance to use the Apple Pen which is like writing on a page, such an easy and surreal experience that it allows my photo editing to be done quickly and professionally.

When taking my photos I pair up with the well-known Cannon 600D as it not only is an amazing camera but it also can do so many things, such as setting the exposure to different settings, adjusting lighting of pictures and my favourite is that it has a screen that flips out and then 180° which is so handy then trying to get shots of you and a group of friends at the top of a mountain. I mainly use the Ultrasonic EF 75-300mm
lens as it is lightweight and can be used for close or far range, and perfect for bird photography. IMG_0337I rarely use tripods as I feel that they get in the way and I am sure that I can hod the camera steady enough that I don’t need one, however I sometimes use the handheld gorilla grip as they just make carrying the camera easier.

Thank you for reading, Hopefully there will be a video coming out in the next few weeks.


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