Brighton Pride

Before I get into the whole pride experience I was recently asked “what is pride all about?’ and I struggled to answer it straight away, not because I was unsure but because I was unsure how to put it into words. but finally I have got it. Pride is about celebration, celebration for all that we have achieved in the LGBTQ+ community, for the equality we are now getting throughout the world and for the people who have come out in the year as part of the community. It’s a celebration for being who you are and who you want to be, rather than who others want you to be. Pride is an event that you can go to meet people like you or not like you and still get along as everyone there is friendly and open, Pride is not just an event its something that we all should be feeling 52 weeks of the year.

Brighton pride is the biggest pride event in the whole of the UK if not the whole of Europe, it’s a 3 day event that ends up stretching into a couple of weeks with Trans pride from the 20th -22nd of July leading to the pride dog show to the village party then onto the parade before the festival where it then leads to the LoveBN1Fest on the 6th of August. It brings hundreds of thousands to the streets of Brighton and raises millions for many charities as well as supporting the local community.

I have been to this event for the last two years and am a now a dedicated attendee as I will be attending every year until it stops or I do. This year was by far the best year I have been as I was able to see more of the event than the last as well as getting into the whole spirit of the festival more. with acts such as MNEK, Mabel, Pixie lott, Louise, Ella Eyre and Britney Spears the festival was bound to be a sell out as well as one that would be amazing to attend.

The parade was full of flamboyant and proud floats that screamed happiness, leading the parade was an anti-hate group which was followed by a transgender march, I felt that this was good as it showed a message to London pride that this is how its done and that Hate is not welcome and the T should stay in LGBTQ+. then there was the big floats like Gatwick Airport, Tower sanctuary, Boohoo and Lynx with many more following, as well as the big floats there was also hundreds of people dressed to impress wearing butterfly costumes, in full drag or as just themselves. with millions of people cheating as they went past this event is one that really preaches acceptance.

Below are the pictures that I took while I enjoyed my time at the best pride event this world has ever seen.


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