Recently I have been thinking a lot about my future and what that will entail, such as what job I will have or what company I will have around me. When asked what I wanted to do as a child I always said I was going to be in the RAF and that was quite vague as there are thousands of different roles that I could have chosen from chef to fighter pilot, this evolved into the teenager who decided that air traffic control was the one for them. I got work experience in an RAF Base and really enjoyed it, the only problem was however that I was still living the lie of pretending to be a male. Once I came out to my friends and family I felt that I didn’t need to hide and make excuses to what I really was and therefore I wanted to create a whole new life for myself. I gained new friends and kept the old ones, I came up with hobby that I liked that I hadn’t done before, this included photography, and tried to different from before.

Growing up I have come to realise that I didn’t need to change and that I could still be me and like all the things I liked before, I could have kept the dreams of being in the RAF and still been Callie. Now when people ask me what I want to do I tell them I want to inspire others. This leaves me open to all sorts of questions and gives me a chance to inspire the questioner. I want to share my positivity and my story to benefit others who may be going through a hard time this could be by leading them the way I got through the hard times or steering them into their own path to self-help.

I share my world with three very special groups of people, My family are one due to their respect and caring nature, not only have they supported me through my life but they have helped me through it with car journeys, hospital visits and TV bingeing. My friends have also been there for me when I’ve needed them and have offered support and their time to comfort me in my times of need and they are just so nice I love every single one of them. and lastly The LGBTQ+ community, they not only have all welcomed me in but have also proven that I’m normal and that I am loved and have a place in this world.

So what does the future entail?

I am going to be working hard to get this company set up as a help platform that finds help for those who need it, and will share pictures that spread positivity as positivity is key to a healthy lifestyle. Forever Callie will now be selling photos on Getty Images IStock to help fund the project of helping people.


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