Things you may have missed!

With England now out of the World Cup all eyes can go back on the news that really matters, as we have been missing all the important news due to papers being filled with football this and football that.

1. London Pride

img_0029London pride was set to be the biggest and best pride that the organisers had ever presented with the parade being bigger than ever, this however was sabotaged by an anti-transgender/anti-lesbian march which pushed to the front and ended up leading the parade. The 12 or so individuals held up signs saying “take the L out” and “transgender people can’t be lesbians” this caused a stir through the media and throughout the LGBTQ+ community as it not only is an attack on human rights but is also and attack on the whole community as a whole. I asked one person who attended who told me “Could you imagine if this was your first pride and then you see that hate at the front of the parade, you would feel so bad and scared.”

2. Brexit

So basically the English government has gone to s*** recently with Boris Johnson, David Davis and many more quitting over two massive factors that Theresa May has accepted. The fist being that there will only be a half Brexit with the UK still paying millions to the EU for most deals we make outside of the EU as well as still keeping their trading laws therefore telling the UK voters that it doesn’t matter what they want the government will do what ever they want to do anyway. The second being that the Tory party has declared and voted that animals cannot feel pain… I know it sounds like it should be fake news but that’s just how ridicules the government has gotten while we have all been watching the football.

3. Years and Years

IMG_0207During the last week years and years realised their newest album Palo Santo which has not only got a full range of their talent but also got the voice of the worlds best singer Olly Alexander. With songs such as Palo Santo, If your over me, Sanctify and other great tunes.



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