Snowball Effect

Sometimes the little things can be the things that make a big difference, like not holding a door open for someone, and letting it fly right into there face. It’s not mean and it’s not the end all, but it could be for that person. You don’t know anything about them, yes they are blonde, yes they wear Adidas instead for Nike, but you know nothing about them. They could be a millionaire who’s plan was to give away a £1000 to the first person who held a door open for them, or they could be really insecure and in a troubled time and really need kindness that day to help rebuild them. It’s not hard to hold doors open for people but it can really make a big difference, plus it’s just a nice thing to do.

After watching a popular TV Show on Netflix I have come to realise that the little things are the most important, it doesn’t matter how small something is it can snowball into something major. With the teenage suicide rate growing I feel that this is the time people need to stick together and raise awareness of the ‘snowball effect’ and start by changing the small things they may do that could cause serious consequences for them or another, weather it be intentional or unintentional.

I want you to go out and be kind to someone today, not a family member or a friend but someone who’s day is looking down, go make there life better. You never know they might be a millionaire looking to give away money for kindness!


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