As someone who has grown up as a transgender individual I have come to think of it as something that is normal and that lots of people should know about, this however is not the case! It is normal, for me anyway and there are millions of people who don’t know or don’t realise what the word transgender actually means. By google dictionary it means; Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex. Which if I’m being honest is a really complicated way of saying what it really is. My definition would be; An individual who’s assigned gender at birth does not correspond to their true gender. Which is so much easier to understand. I feel that this is one of the problems with modern-day definitions, they are so complicated to read and understand that people are either making up their own definition or guessing what the words mean, which both could lead to big problems.

Some of the transgender community do not like labels and feel that being classed as transgender is wrong as they are a person just like the rest of the world, which I 100% agree with. I feel this approach to be very open and all-inclusive as sometimes labels can be taken out of context and cause problems. It also shouts out equality and that everyone is equal as we all come under one term, human.

The ting is being transgender is really hard not only are we insecure about certain things that most other people don’t even think about but we are also really scared about situations that may or may not occur, such as Laws! I am unable to visit Dubai as I will most likely be locked up at their airport for questioning, they will then follow this with thousands of questions to try to see why I want to visit their country, then be faced with two possible scenarios. One, I will be allowed home, this one is very rare but has happened before to Gigi Gorgeous, and two, I will die, or something that’s not good. This not only is transphobic but is also against human rights which are what society is built on.

There are many terms like homophobic, transphobic and many many more to describe an act that is against someone  for their gender or sexual orientation as well as all the other hate terms out there. I do not disagree with them I just feel that sometimes they are used too much or when it is inappropriate such as when part of the LGBTQ+ community get refused for a job it may just be because they don’t have the right experience. I would however prefer the term ‘Against my rights’ as it is more of an umbrella term and can be used without drawing too much attention to some people’s private lives. It should be used in a proper context though, such as when you are trying to get into a club and someone says no you can’t come in here dressed like that and all your friends are wearing the same then you can say “I have the right to wear this” then if it escalates I then belive it to be appropriate to pull the Transphobic card.

Basically speaking I feel that being transgender is hard and something that a lot of people can’t deal with, which can be seen through the suicide statistics, and that it comes with more problems than benefits. I do however belive that just like any other person we will have to get through it as everyone has their own problems and they get through them in there own way. I feel that we are the same and we just deal with different things such as some people deal with Hayfeaver and others deal with anorexia or obesity we deal with being transgender.



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