My Top 3 Destinations!

On a previous post I have talked about the Top 10 places that I really want to visit and that I will be visiting at some point in the next two years. This post is the top places that I have already visited.

  1. At number 1 is Croyde, which is located in the west of England in the Devon region, the place is one that is not only close to my heart due to being a place that I grew up going to. The local beaches are amazing however Croyde beach is the best due to its abundant rock pools that are full of wildlife and great for children to play in. As well as this there is also some great waves for those who are daring enough to try to surf, but you better wrap up as the water is not cold but freezing. venturing into land and to the village of Croyde you can visit the local cafe and grab a hot chocolate before looking in the two local shops which are full of beach clothing and surf equipment, before finally getting the most amazing ice-cream you will ever taste from the corner Ice-cream shop. If you are lucky enough to get a booking you can then get a seat in The Thatch, one of the best pub restaurants in the whole of the country due to it’s perfectly home-made Chilly Nachos.
  2. My second destination is home. I know this isn’t an actually place that you can visit but its something that everyone loves. Home is the place where we should all feel safe and where we know where everything is and is exactly what we want it to be. Its warm, Its cold, Its big, Its small, but its ours and that means its special and is something that others Cant and won’t experience.
  3. Number 3 is different. Its France. Not the whole of France but just the South of France as its amazingly beautiful during the summer months. Places like Saint-Cyprian or Béziers are the places I used to go as a child and places that make me think of summer and holiday. I remember the long drive down to the place through the whole of France and I can remember thinking that Frances landscape was completely different from that of what I was used to in England. Not only is the weather sunny about 95% of the summer but there is also amazing food such as proper croissants, proper baguette and then the trademark drink, Cacolac, which can be brought at most supermarkets. If you are wanting to visit this area of France I would definitely recommend camping as it offers a full experience of it own and also offered more than most hotels would such as kids clubs for those who have children, exciting locations nearby and in most holiday parks they offer late night entertainment such as bingo, a show or other funny entertaining entertainment. As well as this the scenery near to the beaches are outstanding and are perfect for photos such as the amazingly clear water, the lovely dated villages are also a picture that is worth having on your instagram as it really is something that makes you feel warm and shows that you do not fear traveling for a picture.



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