Finally ready

With the new site now up and running there are some things that will be changing for the people who follow the movement ‘Forever Callie’ instead for being more of a blogging situation happening on tis site there will be more of a company situation instead. This for the audience doesn’t mean a lot other than everything will be done now a lot more professional now than before where there was bad grammar and poorly written articles, meaning you get better content. The posts will stay the same mostly as they will still be coming on Forever Friday and the midweek posts now will disappear, so in that aspect you will be losing a post, but not to worry as the ‘Forever Friday’ posts will be better thought out, better written and have new and exciting twists. As well as this I have been working to finish my book which will be published on the online store Lulu hopefully in June, the book will be a short story that is about my transition and how I came to realise along with all the steps that I had to go along till my current time. It will be short but will be very informative in respect to those who are interested people’s lives or who are going through similar situations.

If you haven’t already been on to the homepage, then please go and check it out as it has three projects that Forever Callie are working on, Photography, Lifestyle and Kindness. Each one has a separate page with writing about each one and how/what they mean to the company.


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